Crucis is an outlet where AC staff and alumni have the opportunity to contribute short articles, reflections, and podcasts that would benefit the wider community, based on their research and study. While AC faculty members do publish the findings from their research in academic journals and books, Crucis is a place where some of those findings are presented in a manner that is accessible to wider audiences. Crucis also provides the opportunity for AC alumni to continue to exercise their thinking, research, and writing skills in contributing articles based on what they are doing since the completion of their studies.

While contributions to Crucis may arise from academic research, Crucis is not a peer-reviewed academic outlet. Submissions to Crucis will be reviewed by two editors, assessing the submission based on the following criteria: 1) quality of writing/thinking 2) extent to which the submission adheres to Crucis guidelines 3) extent to which the submission adheres to the AC Academic Freedom Policy

Instructions for Contributors are provided for those who wish to write for Crucis.