Alphacrucis College launches a new Ground-breaking Teacher Training Program

by Alphacrucis College
25th November 2019

Five prestigious Sydney schools have entered into the Teaching School Alliance Sydney, a pilot training program to ensure schools have access to high-quality graduate teachers. The Alliance has been established by St Andrew’s Cathedral School, Blue Mountains Grammar School, The Scots College, Inaburra School and William Clarke College in partnership with Alphacrucis college.


Students who are granted placements in the program complete their Bachelor of Education in either primary or secondary schooling with Alphacrucis College. Whilst completing their award, students are offered paid part-time teacher’s assistant roles in one of these schools for 1-2 days per week. Students are mentored by experienced teachers, receive subsidised tuition fees and have virtually guaranteed employment in their school upon completion of the program.


In turn, schools gain student teachers with increased ethos alignment and appropriate academic standards before commencing training. The standard of classroom-ready graduates is improved because they have completed well above the standard 60 days of required placement. This program also aims to decrease the attrition rates of teachers, a growing concern for many schools.


Alphacrucis College is thrilled to be the teacher-training college in this innovative program. To read more about this news, head here for The Sydney Morning Herald’s exclusive story:


For more information on the program and to apply, head to the Teaching Schools Alliance Sydney website: